Dr. Donald Reid, author of Christian finance books
Dr. Donald Reid

Theology of Finance - Table of Contents

Chapter 1, p.17
What is Economics?

Chapter 2, p.21
What is Prosperity?

Chapter 3, p.25
What is the Economics of Prosperity? as an expression of Divine Wealth?
* Economics or Prosperity

Chapter 4, p.31
What is the connection between Sexuality, Family Life and Prosperity?
* Sex and Success

Chapter 5, p.35
Is Satan still waging war on the Economic Prosperity of Families and Marriages?
* Bombshell
* How to conquer Satan

Chapter 6, p. 39
Poverty! Prosperity! Discuss!
* Prosperity Covenant
* War on Poverty
* Jericho Walls
* Milk and Honey 17
What is Economics?

Chapter 7, p.43
What is the connection between Economic Prosperity and Marriage?
* What is Marriage
* How to Create Happiness

Chapter 8, p.47
Can Pre-Marital Financial Planning contribute to the future Economic Prosperity of a Marriage relationship?
* Financial Planning for Marriages

Chapter 9, p.53
Why do many people spend enormous amounts of cash on a wedding ceremony for a “day” and nothing at all on Financial Planning for their marriage lives for many “years” to come?

Chapter 10, p.55
What is the relevance of Family Economic Prosperity to someone who has difficulty finding an eligible marriage partner?
* Knowledge Fast Track

Chapter 11, p.59
Is there any connection between Economic Prosperity and the Church?
* How to raise Money

Chapter 12, p.63
Economic Prosperity for the Single Parent. Discuss!

Chapter 13, p.67
Economic Prosperity for the “Parentless” child. Discuss!

Chapter 14, p.71
What is the Psychology of Belief Systems as it relates to Economic Prosperity?
* Psychological Blocks
* Resistance to Change
* How to Remove Blocks

Chapter 15, p.77
Many people have an M.A. and/or Ph.D. and may still not be Financially Independent. Why?

Chapter 16, p.81
What does the Theology of Sex mean within the context of Prosperity?

Chapter 17, p.85
How can people overcome their Fears of Success in order to manifest an abundance of Economic Prosperity in their lives?
* Fear of Success
* How to Cope with Success

Chapter 18, p.89
What is the connection between Networking and Economic Prosperity?
* Christian Networking
* Thanksgiving
* Helping Hand
* Creating Prosperity
* Creating Riches
* Verbal Resumes
* Memberships
* Establishing Relationships
* Keys to Success
* Psychology of Success
* Sociology of Prosperity
* Economics of Networking

Chapter 19, p.99
How can we deal with dishonest people who may attempt to “relieve” us so our money?
* Negative Belief Systems
* Financial Power
* Financial Protection

Chapter 20, p.105
Are money problems responsible for the termination of many relationships, and if so why?
* Financial Dynamics
* Financial Success
* Financial Planning

Chapter 21, p.111
If God is so rich, why is it there is so much poverty in the world today?
* Rich God! Poor People! Why?
* Guilt Trips
* Prayer and Fasting
* Peer Pressure
* Financial Deliverance

Chapter 22, p.117
How can someone break the yoke of mental bondage in order that they can be motivated to study and develop their Spiritual Talents and Gifts?
* God’s Prosperity Contract

Chapter 23, p.121
How did Jesus demonstrate the dynamics of His personal Wealth and Money?
* Jesus The Billionaire
* Financial Theology of Jesus Christ

Chapter 24, p.125
What is it that the majority of the richest people in the world may all have in common?
* Satanic Wealth
* Christian Wealth
* Who is Satan?
* Spiritual or Material

Chapter 25, p.129
Beyond Financial and Economic Prosperity—What lies ahead?
* Estate Planning
* Mock Probate
* Poor Planning
* Spiritual Planning
* Thanksgiving
* New Jerusalem

Chapter 26, p.135
The Blessings of Giving

Chapter 27, p.141
The Blessings of Tributes

Chapter 28, p.145
The Blessings of Abundance

Chapter 29, p.153
The Blessings of Inherited Riches

Chapter 30, p.159
The Blessings of Generational Wealth

Chapter 31, p.171
The Wisdom of Jesus

Chapter 32, p.173
The Divinity of Christ

Chapter 33, p.175
The Ministry of Jesus Christ

Theology of Finance: How to Attract Money, Power and Love

Theology of Finance: How to Attract Money, Power and Love

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