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Secrets of the Holy Spirit Excerpt

Secret 1
Holy Spirit Dynamics
"Open the door, I will come in."
(Revelation 3:20)

* Spiritual Blessings
* How Testimonies Are Born
* Theology of Sharing
* Aims and Objectives
* Your Benefits and Blessings
* Sacred Theology

Spiritual Blessings
Before we begin our journey, it is important that we share various thoughts with you. First, be aware of the fact that we are all ministers, charged with Christian duties that will bless us if we faithfully discharge them.

How Testimonies Are Born

God allows us to be tested at times, out of love. In so doing, His faithfulness to us His children can be expressed.

If we were never tested by Him, then it is very unlikely that
we would ever have a testimony, as evidence and proof regarding His
power of deliverance.

There can be no more powerful witness about the goodness of
God, than someone with a personal story that tells us how the Master
has blessed them.

When you tell your story concerning how God has prospered
you, it gives your hearers great hope and joy. This joy is based upon the
fact that your blessings will remind all of us that Jesus is alive!

A blessing, in turn, is something that money cannot purchase.

Therefore, the receipt of such a priceless and precious gift can only
come from God, and no one else.

Theology of Sharing

It is important to note that Spiritual success (as opposed to material gain) primarily involves both giving and receiving in return.

We risk losing our blessings if we do not allow them to flow back and forth in a continuous cycle.

"FIRE shut up in my bones."
(Jeremiah 20:9)

The Word of God is FIRE, and we will be "burnt" if we neglect to share with others, the information that has been revealed to us, by the power, and under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

The definition of that familiar term or expression "Indian Giver" is appropriate at this point.

When the original American Indians gave something to an individual, who did not reciprocate by sharing their benefits with others, the item(s) donated would be "taken back" from the recipient so as to discourage them from hoarding.

"Freely ye have received, FREELY give."
(Matthew 10:8)

The principle of FREELY giving and receiving is in harmony with the Word of God. The American Indians understood this religious principle—that it was impossible to enjoy lasting prosperity without sharing.

Reason: The door thorough which we give is the identical one through which we also receive.

In addition to the great blessings of wisdom and knowledge, the Master also desires to give us riches and wealth, for the benefit of our Spiritual development, and the fulfillment of our personal needs.

Aims and Objectives

Let us rejoice and celebrate whenever our brothers and sisters begin to experience the power of the Holy Ghost.

Their being Spirit filled and sanctified serves to remind us that we are equally eligible to receive that precious Gift.

We feel very confident about the aims and objectives that we have established.

The foregoing is based upon the fact that all the answers to all of our questions can be found in the Holy Bible.

The Holy Scriptures, in turn, is the Spirit of Jesus Christ made permanently manifested in this universe.

A worried person sees only the problem. However, someone filled with the Holy Ghost, knows exactly how to "search the Scriptures" (John 5:39) and prayerfully obtain all their answers from God.

Our mission is simply to address the relevant issues, as reflected in the following subjects or titles:


Your Benefits and Blessings

It is recommended that informal Bible study groups be established, to share with others, the various messages contained within this volume. The preceding will result in the participants being to both share and exchange their Christian experience.

The above is in addition to the fact, that the members of the group will be both complimenting and/or supplementing each other's Spiritual knowledge.

To the extent that lifestyles have been spiritually restructured, then the mission which the Good Shepherd has assigned us would have been divinely accomplished.

This writer's has one primary objective. Specifically, he will like to establish the connection between the God's Holy Word, in the first instance.

His next objective is to demonstrate how this Biblical connection of Scripture directly relates, to the experiences which we may be encountering in our daily lives.

Some of the blessings we receive, on our life's journey, may be obtained, as a result of having "crossed-paths" with other believers.

The importance of these encounters should never be what the other person(s) or we are.

Instead, what we all are capable of becoming, under the influence of the transforming power of the Holy Ghost, should be the standard.

"TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind."
(Romans 12:2)

God desires that our minds be TRANSFORMED, or renewed, in order that we may achieve the highest possible levels of Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical growth and development, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

"Wisdom and knowledge is granted unto thee;
and I will give thee RICHES, and WEALTH."
(2 Chronicles 1:12)

In addition to the foregoing blessings of wisdom and knowledge, the Master also desires to grant us RICHES and WEALTH.

The objective of the foregoing is to enable us to fulfill both our Spiritual desires and our human needs.

The aforementioned are the promises upon which our Christian faith has been established.

Accordingly, we wish to thank you, in advance, for allowing us to share this very important Gospel experience with you.

Sacred Theology

Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost is the most powerful experience that any individual in this world (or the one to come) can ever hope to have.

Reason: There is a vacuum or void in the soul of every human being that can only be "filled" (Acts 2:4) by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit of the Prince of Peace.

Additionally, after we have received the precious and priceless Gift of the Holy Ghost, we will become "centered" in Christ and blessed with the capacity for limitless Supernatural empowerment.

Secrets of the Holy Spirit: Keys to Your Spiritual Success by Donald Reid

Secrets of the Holy Spirit: Keys to Your Spiritual Success

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