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Dr. Donald Reid

Theology of Economics - Table of Contents

Chapter 1, p.19
What is Money?

Chapter 2, p.21
What is Wealth?

Chapter 3, p.23
What is Spiritual Economics?

Chapter 4, p.25
Is there a short cut to becoming a Christian Millionaire that can avoid us having to use Financial Plans?

Chapter 5, p.27
Is there a secret formula we can use to empower us to become a Christian Millionaire?
* Millionaire’s Secret Formula

Chapter 6, p.31
Can I find someone who can tell me their secret of Success so that I can use their formula to become a Christian Millionaire?

Chapter 7, p.35
What can I do right now to become a Christian Millionaire?

Chapter 8, p.39
What if we are not blessed to have our God given Multi-Million Dollar talents revealed unto us?
* Secrets of Prayer & Fasting

Chapter 9, p.41
How hard must we Pray?

Chapter 10, p.43
How long will God take to answer our Prayers?
* Fear of Success

Chapter 11, p.45
Why it is some people enjoy more Prosperity than others, for reasons not known to us?

Chapter 12, p.47
What can I do to increase the amount of Economic Blessings which I receive from the Lord?

Chapter 13, p.49
All my Life I have been praying to God to become rich, and I am still Poor. What to do?

Chapter 14, p.53
Can I get rich without God’s Blessings?
* Millionaires by Inheritance
* Spiritual Money Management
* Jesus and Millionaires

Chapter 15, p.57
Can I do as I like to get Money in secret while hiding from God?

Chapter 16, p.61
If God’s way guarantees Success, then why doesn’t everyone accept it?

Chapter 17, p.63
Why are People materialistic instead of being Spiritual?
* Gold Mine or Land Mine

Chapter 18, p.65
Why do People love Money more than they love God?

Chapter 19, p.67
Why are the Spiritual priorities of some People upside down?
* Old Wine
* New Wine

Chapter 20, p.69
Most things in life are very expensive. Therefore, we need a great deal of cash in order to survive. What to do?

Chapter 21, p.71
There has to be a better way. What is it?

Chapter 22, p.73
How can we become Financially Independent, Independently Wealthy and by extension Christian Millionaires?
* Jesus and Money
* Christian Millionaires

Chapter 23, p.77
If I want to increase my Faith in God, and I cannot, what must I do?

Chapter 24, p.79
Why do the Rich get Richer and the Poor become poorer?
* Psychology of Poverty
* Theology of Education
* Psychology of Prosperity

Chapter 25, p.85
“Blessed are the poor in Spirit.” (Matthew 5:3). Therefore, forget about being a Christian Millionaire I want to stay poor because poverty is a blessing. Discuss!
* Theology of Humility

Chapter 26, p.89
“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:25) Therefore, I do not want to become “Rich” because I am afraid that I will go to hell. Discuss!
* Sharing or Greed

Chapter 27, p.93
How can I be extremely Rich and still get through the “eye of a needle” (Mark 10:25) in order to gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven?

Chapter 28, p.95
How long will it take me to become a Christian Millionaire, weeks, months, years?

Chapter 29, p.97
It is said that Tithing creates Prosperity; however, does stinginess create poverty?
* Theology of Tithing
* Theology of Stinginess
* Financial Deliverance

Chapter 30, p.101
What is the relationship between Abundance and Prosperity?

Chapter 31, p.105
What is the Theology of a Financial Recession and/or Economic Depression?
* Recessions or Prosperity

Chapter 32, p.109
What is Poverty?
* Theology of Poverty
* Theology of Laziness

Chapter 33, p. 111
How can we stop being financially poor, and become permanently rich, in Spirit, Soul and Mind?

Chapter 34, p.113
Is there a relationship between Money and Love, or good Health and Money?

Chapter 35, p.115
Can we increase our capacity to give and receive in return?
* The Millionaire Widow

Chapter 36, p.119
Why do we see instances of two people, both equally spiritually committed, yet at the same time experiencing different levels of Prosperity?

Chapter 37, p.121
How can I attract more Money into my experience in order that I may enjoy the promise of the “Abundant Life” which Jesus spoke about?

Chapter 38, p.123
What is the significance of American Money?

Chapter 39, p.125
Why do some people get more value for their Money than others do?

Chapter 40, p.127
How can I increase my Money supply in my pursuit of becoming a Christian Millionaire?
* Dynamics of Faith

Chapter 41, p.131
What will happen if we put our confidence in Money, instead of placing all of our trust in God?

Chapter 42, p.133
Why do some People think in a limited, negative, poverty fashion, when they can just as easily think big in a wealthy, prosperous, and successful manner?

Chapter 43, p.135
Sinners appear to become rich, whereas honest people appear to remain poor. Thus, is honesty really the best policy?
* Parable of the Unjust Steward
* Religious Oxymoron
* Why this Book was Written

Chapter 44, p.139
What are the ways in which God, Money, Ideas and Talents are interconnected?

Chapter 45, p.141
What is the difference between Successful People and those who are Failures?
* Theology of Negative Thinking
* Theology of Positive Thinking
* Spiritual Protocol

Chapter 46, p.145
What is a Financial Blessing Miracle?

Chapter 47, p.149
Can the Human Intellect understand the mechanics of a Financial Miracle?
* Psalmist’s Treatise on Thoughts

Chapter 48, p.151
Do we need Money, or does Money need us?

Chapter 49, p.153
Why do people want to get something for nothing, yet, at the same time, they will not give anything away, without first receiving something?

Chapter 50, p.157
I prayed to God for a Financial Blessing. I did not receive it. Why?

Chapter 51, p.161
The Theology of Wealth

Chapter 52, p.165
The Theology of Riches

Chapter 53, p.183
The Theology of Prosperity

Chapter 54, p.191
The Theology of Giving

Chapter 55, p.195
The Theology of Gifts

Theology of Finance: How to Attract Money, Power and Love

Theology of Economics: How to Become a Christian Millionaire

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