Dr. Donald Reid, author of Christian finance books
Dr. Donald Reid

Theology of Economics Excerpt

Chapter 1

What is Money?

Money is a medium of exchange, and in most instances the legal instrument that enables us to spiritually purchase the goods and services which we need.

"Money answereth all things."
(Ecclesiastes 10:19)

Money answers all things that are in accordance with the Divine Will of God. However, it (money) is only one of the many vehicles that the Master may use to convey His blessings to us.

"O Lord GOD, Buy thee the field for Money."
(Jeremiah 32:25)

There are two basic types of money, one being paper and the other coin. Both are usually backed up by the Value of a nation’s goods and services.

"Fear not therefore: ye are of more Value than many sparrows."
(Luke 12:7)

Accordingly, money in and of itself has "no intrinsic value"
but rather it derives its worth based upon the Value which we assign to the various items in the marketplace of commerce that we receive in exchange for it.

"Ye are of more Value than many sparrows."
(Matthew 10:31)

Money can also create more money. Example: Interest earned from cash we deposit in Financial Institutions, and/or the dividends that we may receive based upon the stocks, shares and similar financial securities in our possession.

Economists commonly refer to the preceding concept of the
ever increasing supply and/or creation of "new" money as the Money
Multiplier Effect.

"He that had received five Talents came and brought
other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto
me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five
Talents more." (Matthew 25:20)

Jesus, however, calls it (Money Multiplier Effect) the wise, responsible and Faithful stewardship of the gifts and Talents that we have been endowed with by reason of His Divine Generosity.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast
been Faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler
over many things" (Matthew 25:21)

Theology of Economics: How to Become a Christian Millionaire by Donald Reid

Theology of Economics: How to Become a Christian Millionaire

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